Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So, I work now! At a Bank! But, I'm not happy! I am not crazy, not greedy either! I work as a CSR, credit card activation and bla bla. The hardest part of my job is not that I have to sit all day with headsets on, repeating the same process over and over again like a robot, or that I have to take 3 buses and a train to get to work every morning in this horrible weather, or that I have to suppress the incessant hunger to whip my BB outta my bag and press away! Its that I have to stomach the pessimists around me that think it's not possible to "get to places" 'cause of the color of my skin! Can you believe this lady(rich in melanin too) at my work place told me that! It will be pretty unrealistic of me to think being rich in melanin is not an obstacle, but I will be in more denial and totally in a world of my own to believe the color of my gorgeous skin will be an obstacle to getting exactly where I want to be. I grew up KnOwiNg that hard work pays, that my destiny is in my hands and that I am in total control of my success.

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a new year :)

I wish y'all a very merry and happy new year.
I don't exactly believe in new year resolutions, but I do them anyways. Its just nice to reflect on the past year(s) and evaluate my progress as a person. Priorities change, things that mattered don't any more, new challenges, new obstacles- It's what life is all about.
Side but related note: When I was much younger, junior school I think, I would actually get on my knees and pray to God with all seriousness to give me bigger boobs!! dont laugh! Now, it's the least of my worries...its not even a worry. The sexiest women alive have similar sizes to mine..haha.

2008 New Year Resolution
~Follow my head -> I so did not
~Party hard -> Actually partied less
~Study hard -> I did :)
~love hard(er) -> Did, Wth was I thinking
~Lose 15KG -> Ehm...exactly the opposite
~Be closer to God -> Not exactly *covers face*
~And overall be merrier..... Hmn...Am I?

2009 New Year Resolution
~Perfect Grades -> Maybe not perfect, but OK
~Finish school -> Yaay!
~Great Job/Great school for masters -> Neither :(
~Let go unhealthy relationships and obsessions -> More like, held on to unhealthy rships/obsessions
~Closer to God -> A Step closer :)

2010 New Year Resolution
~Get into grad school
~Discover a talent or develop a talent
~Take more care of my body and soul
~Follow my pretty head