Sunday, April 4, 2010


*Yawns* It's 12:46am, Sunday morning. Finally made up my mind to not go to Church today.
I'm stark naked under my duvet. It's the way I like it.
I'm not bored, just lonely. But, "lonely" is just a word that represents a feeling of emptiness.
I don't feel empty. I'm not lonely then, perhaps, just alone.
Lately, that has being the norm.
I see a crowd of people everyday. I smile and nod at half of that crowd. A crowd is not company...but a collection of faces. It's like watching a movie on mute, heck, I'm in that movie. :o

I am overwhelmed with a feeling of loneliness. To suddenly be alone after a long period of togetherness and a feeling of being part of something is a very lonely feeling. I guess all break ups feel this way. Just that I'm not going through a break up...but of sudden realization that I hung on to nothing for so long...thinking it was something..and still I have nothing.