Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hello there,
I have been missing a lot of action in blogville..but, I've got mad love for you guys still..I do check your blogs still, but almost no time to leave my footprints.

I got into grad school! I'm so excited! I start September. I look forward to the long orgasmic nights of reading and morning classes! I'm fucking serious! When I applied to this school, I declared my average as x%, and honestly, I didn't think the conversion was up to that. But, when they evaluated, they declared it has +1.55%.
I have always being book-smart but never this dedicated. The person that always comes first in your class really does not have two heads. You just need to be passionate about something and go for it. I failed A-levels woefully! I did Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I don't really think those subjects are hard, I just wasn't passionate about it. My goal for Masters is to finish with at least a 90% average...and easily.

Work has been good. I love that I took a break from school. Success is not guaranteed by just going to school. The whole experience has being very humbling. I've met many amazing people with different views and I have learnt a lot from them.

Unfortunately my love life or lack of it rather is still in shambles. I'm glad I have eventually moved on. I 'backslide' at times, but so far so good.

Random: I bake a lil now. I love it! Looking to get a part time job in a bakery for a month or two so I can be better at it.

Side Note: I don't have a Mentor..this is really scary. All the successful people I've read about have Mentors. I get inspired by different aspects in people and it's hard for me to actually have "a" Mentor...I'm searching thoroughly for one now..any ideas?