Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Library Tables!

Part of the main reasons why I love studying in the Library is the conversations on Lib tables! Hilarious! Love them...

"I want some pussy"
"Same dawg"
"I want cock"
"Silly faggot, dicks are for chics"

Hahaha....the 3rd person could have been a

"Laurier bitches give good head"
"Fuck UW"
"Bomber wednesday..anyone?"
"Smooth guy wants blowjob"
"Hairly girl wants hot sex"

Is this what you think of when reading?


Seshe James said...

lol.... Very funny

Nice blog am following you now.

Check my blog out

Follow if you like it. xxx

Roc said...

The 3rd person could have been female.. Then again I don't think many females prefer the word 'cock'..

2cute4u said...

M out of ideas..
Not tasking my brain today..

Dazzle! said...

@SesheJames...thanks..nice blog too

@Roc!!! I see you still lurk around blogsville :)
You are right, girls dont say

@2cute4u :)

musco said...

Did these discussions happen in winter or something???

cool blog!