Sunday, December 6, 2009


"Real friends stay true,

Fake friends leave you and abandon you;
They are only there for the good,
They are never there for the bad.

Real friends stay
Even when you have nothing,
Real friends can pull strings
And make miracles happen

People change through time,
They have the same face
But under it is a screw face;
They will disappear without a trace.

Real friends wait,
Fake friends leave in a quickness;
To have a true friend
Means you are truly blessed"

Author: Unknown

Either you are a real friend or you are not my friend. There is no room for fake friends. I have come to learn and accept the fact that my ONLY real friends are my family. They always have my best interest at heart. However, I appreciate the people that cross my path in this journey called life.


RocNaija said...

So you gonna tell us what brought this on..?

Gee said...

standers: true friend, they stand with u whenever, werever

Runners: fake friend, they run nd flee away when u need them most, in times of hardship

From "our daily bread"!

My World said...

Love this note/poem...
thanks for sharing!

muyiwa said...

yeah dazzle ,i agree with you more than million times

leggy said...

ha ha. i hear you.

Bombchell said...

good friends def make the world a happier place.

2cute4u said...

I would say it takes a real friend to know one.. How you gonna know when a friend's for real huh?Must your friends always be there?Look there are lotta reasons someone cant hav ur bac when you most need the person...could be he/she hsa their demons too. oh wait.. why do you have friends huh?just so they can be there..
advice... There are different friends for different reasons.. list your friends and know their good points and base on that k..