Monday, November 23, 2009

Online Dating

All Most guys that sign up on dating sites are looking for sex..true talk.

I found out that Mr. C (coz I have run out of my ...) is on a "dating" website....
I have his password ( don't judge, so I went in there to check the messages...
I was pissed..couldn't confront him..the story would have bin how did you get my password and bla bla...
So I created a profile..and sent him a really nice message ;)...
He musta bin in high spirits before realizing the number at the end of the message is mine...
smh..and he had the guts to get angry over me bn on the site...double standards??

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Me Awards

The 2008 2009 Me Awards

*Saw this on someone's blog..cant remember whose*

Welcome, to the first 2008 2009 Me Awards.

Worst Movie: Heart Of Men - Stupid movie with less than mediocre sex scenes. Hairy butt is a no no. F-

Second Best: brb

Best movie: Perfect Picture. Loves it..Good Acting is always a plus. B+


Worst Meal/Snack: Hmn...I cant think of one. Choosy with food..if I am eating it in the first place, I am prolly already convinced its instinct is always on point

Second Best: Plantain Sauce. Delish with rice or indomie..You should try it

Best Meal/Snack: Pancakes/Waffle with honey Vanilla Ice Cream . Mouth Orgasm! the thought of it is making my mouth all


Worst Drink: Tomato Juice. Yuckkk

Second Best: Frutopia. Loves it

Best Drink: Strawberry Daiquiri I really love it...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


**A girl once begged and advised me to break up with my then boyfriend because of so many reasons..and of course because she thinks I can do way better! I did not!
They started dating not long after!
side note: She told me the sex was bad when they broke up...lmao

**My friend would have FWBs and hoped it turns into relationships. I am not against FWBs, but you have to be absolutely sure that you can handle any misplaced feelings or end it. Breach of contract always sucks for one party.

**Change for no man, dont expect a man to change for you

**You cheat on me, I cheat on you. Not to get back at you but you are just not worth being faithful to.

Take my advice, I dont use it anyways..xoxo